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Monday, 25 October 2010

The countdown is on !

Its just over two weeks til Leo leaves the UK to start his incredible adventure to St Louis Childrens Hospital Missouri. The adventure wouldnt even have started without the endless help and belief shown by friends family and total strangers. Five months ago Leos mum found out about the operation and the ENORMOUS amount of money needed for it to happen. To say fundraising was slow to start with is an understatement but it started and went like a steam train slowly gathering momentum collecting more and more friends and supporters along the way. Special thanks have to go out to Joannes brothers and sisters who have all been involved in different ways. The direction changed once Ben Sutcliffe of Caudwell Children came onboard and offered the mentoring and support we really needed.
Lots of local businesses have helped us and again special thanks to Key Theatre, Ostomart and Serpentine green shopping centre for their belief in Leo.
The Evening Telegraph and Radio Cambs have followed Leos journey and offered lots of support with getting Leos story out there. The donations we have received have come in from all directions and for all amounts, from the old lady that stopped Jo and Leo in the street and gave Leo a pound to Ostomarts amazing £4000 donation. Along the way we have held lots of events ranging from public waxing to a breathtaking motown night arranged by Jo Rofail and Sarah Jones which raised £9000. There has been lots of public collections and events raised with no knowledge of ourselves until the arrangers got in touch and told us, Thank you to Peterborough Bowls and Peterborough Triumph motorcycle club for giving us those lovely cheques. There has been disappointments too mainly from events having to be cancelled or postponed but it does seem that every time that happens other things suddenly arrive to help Leo out for instance a phone call from a really nice man in Rock Road Peterborough that collected £180 from family and friends for Leo.
Well the flights are booked and SERPENTINE cars have offered to take Leo to the airport for free!
So as Jo dusts off her suitcases please accept her heartfelt thank you for your support to date and in advance for your continuing support.