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Thursday, 27 January 2011

What a start to the year !!

Well Leo decided that quad sticks are just to much like hard work and has taken it on himself to follow Dr Parks' advice to the letter and walk walk walk walk walk.
The planning and excitement of November has faded away so too has the dark dismal days we had when Leo was taken back into hospital with the infection. Hard to believe three months ago Leo was basically stuck in his wheelchair and without the SDR he still would be. Its a sad case of reality that without the power of face book we may never have found out about St Louis or the amazing Dr Park. Just goes to show how the Internet has shrunk the world. So now we are taking the time to support other families going down the SDR path because when you start there are just so many questions and worries that occur and we appreciated the help we received. The fundraising hasn't stopped we are still trying to get funds together to cover the additional medical costs etc
As for Leo...well every day he takes more and more steps, his balance is excellent and his speed is increasing. Not satisfied to just walk now Leo wants to run! Nothing he does will surprise me now apart from maybe abseiling  or bungee jumping but l really wouldn't put that past him. Leo must have made a huge impression in St Louis because just the other day Dr Park mentioned him to another parent out there now and l know he is incredibly proud of Leo too.