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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

amazing how slowly time goes by...

Well finally (and l mean finally) Leo now has a long line in place. He was sedated while the line was fitted, Xrayed to make sure the line was in the best place, His back was checked out by the orthopaedic doctor, His IV drugs were given and we were allowed to leave. Sounds fantastic huh?
Well the outcome definitely is but the 6 and half hours it took with Leo again not offered anything to eat or drink during the whole time is still ridiculous.
Leo arrived at the hospital just after 1500 today and we finally left at 2145.
We were shown to a bed in the open ward and Leo made himself comfy, The nurse advised us a doctor would be round to complete the admin needed for the line to be fitted (we had put the magic cream on his elbows in the car on the way to the hospital). The doctor did come round about 20 minutes later and completed the paperwork and talked through the agenda for todays visit. The staff nurse came round soon after with the oral sedative Leo needed in order for them to fit the line,Joanne advised her that it will not work on Leo (it was the same one they had attempted to use when Leo had botox 18 months earlier) we received the usual response of well lets try it and see, 30 Min's later Leo is still wide awake and showing no signs of sedation(apart from calling his finger an alien and singing a song about   pouring coke cola over Joanna's head)  the nurse returned and told us the doctor would be ready in 10 minutes, 20 minutes later Jo and Leo went to the treatment room to have the line fitted but once the doctor realised Leo was still wide awake a second sedative was given which luckily took the edge off and they were able to fit the line.Leo was given a really nice present for being a brave boy. Leo and Jo returned to the bed. After about 40 minutes l went looking for the doctor to find out what was happening to be told they needed to do an Xray to confirm the line was in the right place and was told it would be a few more minutes. 30 minutes later Jo went looking for the nurse and returned with her. Jo and Leo went off for the xray. it only took 10 minutes and they were soon back on the ward. As the nurse left she advised the doctor would be round soon. She was right within a few minutes the otho-pod was there and she examined Leos back, Although the infection site looks a lot better Leo is still flinching and crying out if its touched. Doctor re-dressed it and advised it would be checked again Friday before she left Joanne reminded her Leo still hadn't had his IV she said she would see what was happening. After another 40 minutes or so the staff nurse appeared with Leos IV and proceeded to hook him up (by now Leo was fast asleep) but she had difficulty flushing the line through but hooked him up and finally we knew it would only be 30 minutes or so before we could go home, then the IV pump began to bleep. The staff nurse returned and tried to restart it but the beeps kept happening, She told us the pressure the machine was sending the drugs down was too high and the line was 'stiff' so she pushed the drugs through herself. We finally left. Joanna carrying Leo who was fast asleep having had no tea and missing his friends birthday meal but at least the line is in now.

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