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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nothing like a nice warm bath...

This morning Joanne and Leo had an appointment with Dr Latimer at the PCH to discuss how Leo is getting on. The blood test results show that although the swelling and soreness is a lot better the bacteria levels are still high enough to need further treatment. It has been decided that Leo can try taking his meds orally for a week and then they will test his blood again to see if he can continue orally or if they have to revert back to IV. Its also been confirmed that Leo will need another MRI in 6 weeks time to make sure the infection has gone. Until then he is going to need to continue one way or another with his medication.
 Because his long line failed yesterday its already been removed and now Leos scar is no longer seeping Leo has been given permission to take baths. Never has a little boy been so happy to splash about in warm bubbly water.
So now at last we have a new kind of normality to enjoy and hopefully the memory's of Leos experiences recently will begin to fade. So now its onwards and upwards physio wise.
 We have also received notice that the final bill from St Louis has been further delayed due to staff changes. This just means more delays in fundraising, really worried the support will not be there when we need it but we have faith.

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