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Monday, 28 March 2011

The fickle finger of hope beckons

After a weekend off from taking Leo for his daily hospital visits thanks to nanny Mandy and Farthy taking it on Joanne and Leo returned to Amazon ward today for Leos meds. After arriving at 4.20 again it was almost 5.30 before they were called through to the treatment room. Deputy sisters Amy and Laura were the ones to draw the short straw. Luckily both have experienced Leos fear and prepared really well even down to making sure Leos meds were already drawn into the small syringes. Leo opened his mouth to ask about the warm flush but before he could Laura told him she remembered he liked warm flushes and it was nice and warm ready. Actually giving the meds went really well and they managed to get them in without to much hassle.Unfortunately today's the day they also need to take blood to check how active the bacteria is. Leo was soon panicking but again they took the time to explain to him that the special spray will stop the needle hurting and although he did struggle initially he finally took a deep breath and allowed them to draw the bloods they needed. The look of relief on his face when it was over was priceless. Leo was impressed with the colour of his blood!
The consultants senior houseman came to check on Leos back and again Leo let him remove the dressings and examine his back. That said Leo wasn't impressed when the doctor gave the infection site a squeeze. The doctor did agree the site looked a lot better (after Jo showed him a picture of the scar on the day Leo was admitted into hospital). Once the blood tests come back and providing the bacteria has calmed down there was talk of the chance that Leo could be transferred over to oral anti biotic. The doctor advised Joanna they will call her tomorrow once the results are in. Fingers crossed its finally good news.....

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