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Thursday, 10 March 2011

a day of waiting

Well the doctors did their rounds and decided to try and do the MRI here in Peterborough. Depending on the results the next stage will be discussed. After a long morning just waiting to hear if the MRI was going ahead here or in Cambridge we got the news we were hoping for its been decided that the scan can be done in Peterborough at 2pm. We were told they would be injecting dye into Leo once they have done the first set of scans just to see if the blood flow in his back has been compromised . We were told this would take 45 mins. Well Leo has been nil by mouth since 2am and as 2pm approached he became more and more desperate for a drink trying to negotiate first for water then as he understood that wasnt going to happen changed his plea to blackcurrant. Its been a long day trying to take his mind off drinking ..strangley enough he hasnt asked for food. Once we got to the imaging centre Jo went through and stayed with Leo until the general aneasthetic took hold of him. This time it was no near as traumatic as the first MRI l guess after the SDR nothing phases Jo now. The MRI actually took 2 hours and we didnt leave the waiting area as we wanted to be there when Leo came round (no pager here just waiting). Leo came round and immediately asked for juice and quickly demolished a carton of OJ. Once back in his room he was still very groggy and still thirsty so drank and drank until he was literally sick bless him. We tried to get him to eat but he wasnt interested at all. Dr Latimer came in to speak to us and had some good news, The MRI had shown the infection hadnt affected his spinal column or his bones. The decision was made not to flush out the wound but to fit a PIC line tomorrow and assess Joanne giving the IV if she passes the assesment then Leo will be discharged with Jo giving him his drugs for the next 10 days if not he is going to have to stay in. Although Jo is confident that she can do it once she has had a refresher. So hopefully Leo will be home either tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday at the latest....fingers crossed !

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