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Friday, 25 March 2011

Belts and Braces time

Well today's visit was pretty straight forward, We arrived on time and waited. We now sit up near the nurses station close to the doctors room as we have worked out they are less likely to forget about us there. After asking passing nurses 'who was doing Leos' drugs' and being told someone would be about soon probably 5 times, we heard another nurse on the phone talking about Leo and the fact no IV had been prescribed for tonight because the doctor wanted to see him and take a look at his back first. We heard the nurse beeping at least three different doctors trying to find someone to see Leo as his doctor (the one who insisted Leo was seen) couldn't be located !
When the doctor arrived (l would name him but he didn't give us his name) he took us through to the treatment room so he could remove the dressings and take a look at Leos back. He did agree that Leos back looks a lot better but Leo was flinching really badly and the swab that was taken Tuesday showed the bacteria is still active (or was then) he decided to prescribe yet another week of hospital visits and IV anti biotic.
Leos dressing was changed and we went back to the nurses station to wait for tonight's drugs. Eventually the nurses came with the tray (on which everything is laid out). Leo again asked the nurse to check that the flush was warm (he knows cold ones hurt) this she agreed was the case. We told her that poor Amy really struggled last night and she said she knew apparently Amy's hands were really bruised. We told her the doctor checking the line pushed a flush through using a 1ml syringe but Amy struggled with a 5ml one, The nurse actually listened and actually did the flushes drugs and Hep with the 1ml syringe. She has made a note in Leos notes that this is how the drugs need to go in but l am not confident Leo will get through the end of this course without the long line being removed again. I really really hope this is not the case !

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