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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

and again.....

This evening Leo has been readmitted into hospital. His back is infected again to the point where his original scar has split. We have spoken to Dr Park and he has recommended that Leo has his back opened up and 'flushed' out which luckily the local doctors have agreed with. So he has had a cannula fitted ready for the events ahead, So far the plan is to transfer him to Addenbrookes for an MRI to confirm how bad the infection is and then they intend to operate there. Joanne is staying with Leo tonight so she will speak to the doctor again tomorrow morning to finalise things.
 Leo is in the new city hospital and although we really shouldn't make comparisons its unavoidable. Joanne and Leo got to the hospital at 3pm this afternoon and Leo was moved to the ward at 7.30pm in that time Jo was not offered a drink or even shown where the vending machines were in fact once we were admitted to the ward Joanne asked if Leo could have food as he is nil by mouth from midnight and the response was there maybe a sandwich left in the fridge but that she should probably go to the restaurant to buy him something to eat(although the nurse didn't really know where that was and had to ask someone else). This she did and £8 later Leo had a sandwich a bag of crisps, packet of maltesers and a ribena. They are stuck in a huge hospital now held hostage to these ridiculous prices. As Leo is being transferred in the morning and even the nurses were not sure if Joanne would get a parking ticket if she didn't renew her parking pass daily she had to take her car home and get a lift back. This means once Leo is transferred she is going to have no means of transport there at all! Thank goodness that Nanny and Farthy drive. Leo has his own room and it it is sparkling clean but Joanne was shown in and nothing was explained in fact we found the parent bed just by being nosey...its hidden in a wardrobe like contraption.
I guess we were spoilt at Children's !
Leo is in no pain but does have a temperature he is doing what Leo does best and just getting on with it..although he wasn't impressed at having his bloods taken !!
I will update as soon as l have further news

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