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Monday, 21 March 2011

So Angry l could scream

This afternoons visit to the Children's ward was nothing short of horrendous! After waiting 30 Min's the nurse came and hooked Leo up to his IV machine, Leo asked for a warm flush (he knows the cold ones hurt) the nurse assured him it was warm and started to flush the line, Leo cried out and the nurse said its because although the flush was at room temp he could still feel it and proceeded to continue with the administering his drugs, She did keep asking Leo if it hurt as she noticed the cannula had been knocked but Leo assured her it didn't, He then went very quiet and tears started rolling down his face after a couple of minutes Jo went to fetch the nurse to check the IV and she checked his arm and here was no redness, A few more minutes passed and Leos tears were heavier, Leo asked that the bandage be put on over his cannula but the nurse had requested we leave it off so she could check it, Leo became more and more upset so finally we compromised with a tissue placed over it. This settled Leo for a few more minutes but then the tears started again and he insisted the bandage be put on Jo asked if it hurt and Leo said no don't take it out please mummy don't take it out, Jo carefully placed the bandage over Leos hand avoiding covering the cannula. Leo was obviously uncomfortable and the tears hadn't stopped so again Jo fetched the nurse. This time she noticed Leos wrist had swollen and yet again the cannula had failed although this time the antibiotics were going into the soft tissue causing the swelling, The nurse turned off the IV pump and went to fetch someone else. Leo was moved to the treatment room where two nurses tried to re site the cannula by wiggling it a little hoping it would centre itself, every minute Leo was becoming more and more upset screaming for his mum to stop them. Finally they took the cannula out deciding as there was only 2ml left it wouldn't matter tonight. Leo gave a huge sigh of relief and kept saying thank you thank you thank you over and over again he wanted to kiss the nurses and hugged all of them. His little face was swollen with crying and his wrist swollen because of the misdirected drugs.

 This is the 7th cannula Leo has had since he was admitted to hospital 11 days ago, The nurse ASKED Jo why Leo didn't have a long line !! This was something that had been agreed before Leo was discharged and then revoked before they left. So tomorrow 9 days and 7 cannula's later and fingers crossed they don't change their minds again Leo is going to be sedated and finally a long line is going to be fitted for the remainder of at least this course of treatment. What Leo has gone through in the last couple of weeks is beyond belief and the fear he had of needles has now escalated to the point where he becomes hysterical if you even just talk about them in front of him. The blame lays on the feet of Leos British Dr and his indecision regarding the best way for the drugs to get into Leos body. How l wish we had got on a flight that Wednesday and had the whole thing done in St Louis !

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