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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

And the beat goes on

Well Leo was discharged Friday evening after the doctor decided that Leo could manage the cannula in his hand and just go into the hospital everyday for his drugs. That said Saturday his vein collapsed and he had to have the line resited and Joanna again asked that the PIC line be fitted but was told Leo has good veins and could get through to the end of this series of IV drugs without the collapse happening again...what do you know Jo took him back yesterday and his vein collapsed again and again he had to go through the trauma of having it resited again!
The good news is the Silver nitrate they have been applying directly to the lump in his back has reduced it and it now no longer looks so angry. Leo is dealing with the day to day stress of going to the hospital once Joanna confirms AGAIN he doesn't have to sleep there but he does get so stressed out having the cannula's fitted but then who wouldn't?
l know it could be a lot worse but watching Leo plead with his mum not to let them hurt him is heartbreaking to say the least!
Experiencing the way Joanna and Leo were treated in the U.S and here the differences are remarkable...yes the new hospital is lovely and the rooms are so much better, The staff as always for the most part are amazing its just the lack of importance put on parents opinions is so very marked. The meal system was so much better because the meals were not served by the clock more by the patients needs. I understand the reasons behind this but the casual way they just assume Leo would like tuna sandwiches twice in one day and the fact it costs so much for parents to buy food and drinks when their child is at the hospital is unbelievable and if you don't have your car there you really are held hostage to the prices. The vending machine in the children's and woman's health is exactly the same as the one l pay 25p for at work but at the hospital its £1 there really is no need for this.
OK rant over, hopefully this course of IV drugs will sort out the infection if not the doctors are happy to try a different set...this will mean poor Leo will have to tolerate yet more cannula's being fitted !!!

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