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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Nurse Amy working on her biceps...

Well we did think once the long line was in place Leos' trips to the hospital would be more straight forward... Just how wrong were we!
The long line just is not happy letting the drugs actually enter Leos' body. Every time the nursing staff try and attach the pump to the line it only takes less than a minute for the alarms to sound as the line occludes (blocks). Wednesday night again the nurse had to manually push the drugs through after trying to use the pump, however we did leave the hospital when it was light so that made a change!
Today we arrived and fully expected the nurse to try and use the pump before resorting to manual infusion, but today the nurse listened to Joanna (and probably read the notes) and didn't bother with the pump. Today though the line was so stiff she couldn't even get the flush to work. After a few attempts she conceded defeat and advised us the doctor will need to see Leo. (her face said it all). We went to the treatment fully expecting them to remove the line and fit another cannula and braced ourselves for Leos' screams. However the doctor managed to force the flush through using a narrow syringe, she advised Amy (the nurse) that she should be able to use the line. Poor Amy it took all her strength to push the drugs through even using the smaller syringe. The tension actually made her arms shake and once she managed to get the drugs in was left with some pretty impressive pressure marks. It doesnt look too hopeful for the line to stay in place if Leo needs a further course of antibiotics so please wish us luck with the Consultant tomorrow .... 

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