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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

All done now

No 5am IV but no lay in either, All up and ready to go at 6.10, Arriving in plenty of time to sort out the bits and pieces needed for Leo's operation today. Not for us the luxury of a private waiting room just a private cubby but it had a telephone and a power point for the laptop. Joanne and Nanny Mandy were called through to the preparation room where Leo was again given the fish PJ's to wear. Everyone came in to see . Leo and l mean everyone, The nurses, Dr's and Anaesthetists all came in and introduced themselves,We were called through shortly after and Leo was given the loopy juice through his PICC line. This worked so quickly but not as deeply as the staff were hoping so they gave him an extra couple of mm as he was upset when they tried to take him to theatre. Once Leo had gone we went back to the cubby to wait. The receptionist stuck his head round the door and advised us there were coffee and doughnuts in the family room which we sampled and enjoyed. The two hour wait flew by for some reason we were a lot more relaxed about this operation. The phone ringing made us all jump and it was Dr Dobbs just letting us know it was all done and Leo was en route to the recovery room and that we should be able to see Leo within the next 20 mins or so. When the nurse called us through they would only allow 2 people through so Joanne and Farthy went in to see Leo wasn't to much longer before we were also called through as Leo was on the way up to the ward and we met them at the lift. Leo was wide awake and chatting away asking for apple juice. He could not be more different than when he came round from the SDR. He was in no pain at all in fact anyone would think he was on the way into the theatre not on the way out.
This time Leo was on the 10th floor and once again his nurse Jessica introduced herself as did her assistant Wendi. Leo was settled into his bed and was still asking for his apple juice so Jessica gave him some, Then he complained he was hungry so Jessica gave him a couple of packets of crackers which he wolfed down !!
Leo stayed awake and after a couple of hours said he wanted to walk so Jessica checked with the doctor and was told if he wants too then its OK. So we got Leo up and he did try but l think he was just a little too scared so we took him to the playroom instead where he got to meet three of St Louis Ice Hockey players who gave him a poster and some playing cards. The doctor came in and said if Leo wanted to go back to the hotel then it was OK with her...guess what Leo did want to go back to the hotel so that's what we did . There is now one tired little boy determined not to go to sleep

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