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Thursday, 9 December 2010

tears and tantrums

Well Leo spent a restless night crying out from time to time because his legs hurt. He actually had to have his Valium for the first time since he was discharged from the hospital after his SDR. He really wasn't interested in his breakfast and hates the taste of his new medicine (the oral antibiotic).  Before breakfast Farthy went through some basic physio with Leo and he wasn't comfortable but managed to do some. He thought it was funny to put his feet flat on nanny Mandy's tummy and pushed her off the sofa by straightening his legs so we know he can put weight on his feet. He is however refusing to stand at all. lots of tears. Not a happy bunny at all!
He had his last physio session with Erica from America and she must have wondered what hit her. Leo refused point blank to stand and there were a lot of tears. It got to the point where we elected to leave the room and let Leo just work with Erica and his mummy but even the bribe of riding the bike didn't work and the physio session ended with very little work done. We have to remember its only yesterday he had his tendons and heel cords done and it probably does feel even weirder than before. So Leo had a rest day and spent the rest of the day in his wheelchair. We found Steak and Shake today and had the most amazing meal cheaper than MacDonald's but tonnes nicer.
When we got back to the hotel we tried to get Leo to walk using a new game he wanted to play but again he refused so we gave him his new medicine and another dose of Valium and he went to sleep watching Miracle on 34th street.

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