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Friday, 17 December 2010

and breathe out

Well been home a few days now, sleep almost back to normal. The soreness from the heel cords and hamstring operation almost gone and Leos confidence in his ability to walk is on the rise. He is now totally over his setback and catching up on the lost days.
Last night thanks to Tasha and Jaymee we sprang a surprise party for Jo and Leo at the Peterborough Football Ground, With an amazing disco by Madhatters disco, delicious food supplied by Chef De Le Maison, and Laura's cupcakes were amazing and loved the message written on them and totally agree...Leo really is our little hero. The room looked amazing with the 350 helium balloons and every single thing donated by the company's mentioned and truly appreciated.. And despite the turn in the weather those that made it through had a great night too.
 Well Christmas is just around the corner being chased by a brand new year. This year has been an eventful one and next year looks to be even more exciting with lots of things to look forward too. Leo will l know get more and more confident and who knows that independent walking could be just a few weeks away at the speed he is going at. Leo has been offered the chance to start horse riding and Dr Park totally recommends it. We are also looking into Leo starting swimming lessons too. We have the SDR Christmas party in Daventry at the end of January and catch up with Leos American physiotherapist. Mad Michael is going to be truly surprised at Leos progress. Later on in the year we have to return to St Louis to see Dr Park. Hopefully fitting in a seaside holiday for Leo too.
So from Joanne and Leo l just want to wish you all a merry Christmas and an exciting new year x

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