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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The sun shines and all is well

5am drugs done and dusted without Leo even waking up. Nanny and Farthy arrived last night and the smile on Leo's face was a mile wide. First thing today is to sort out the car as the car hire company called and there is an issue with the card so we have to go sort it out.
Well farthy is an excellent driver even with all the assistance from the back seat ! So we set out on a voyage of discovery and discovered Walmart. Managed to finally get some lucky charms and assorted sweets to bring home and Leo received his Evil Dr Pork Chop for those of you uninitiated to the wonders of Toy Story Evil Dr Pork chop is a plastic pig. So we now have one very happy little boy and one more thing to pack to bring home!!
Dinner today was at Applebees and again baby back ribs were enjoyed by all. Going out to eat back home is never going to be the same !!
Well we are back at the hotel and Leo is going to be spending the next half hour or so walking and playing football.
Tomorrow is a big day J.C Fisher from the Texas Tenors is driving over (a short 4 hour drive) to come and see Leo and we are really really looking forward to seeing him.

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