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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tour de St Louis

This morning started as usual with the 5am wake up session on Leo's IV. Going to be weird on Tuesday when all this stops! Physio again was amazing Leo walked with his sticks and Leo took 2 steps UNAIDED dont know who was more suprised Leo or Michael ! and then spent 20 minutes playing football with Michael using his frame, running about, kicking the football, changing direction and using his frame to block and change the direction of the ball. Obviously Leo won 5-2. Leo then got on the bike and cycled around the hospital dept, stopping and starting the bike himself.
Once we got back to the hotel the nurse came over to check the PICC site. Lucky she did because Leo has developed a sore under his arm caused by the tape rubbing. The PICC line wasn't moved but the tube was just put to one side and re taped so it doesn't interfere with Leo's arm movement and its now nowhere near his armpit.
We have arranged to hire a car for when Leo's Nanny and Farthy arrive so are waiting for it to arrive.
Leo has settled down to life in the hotel and is loving spending time with Findlay and Jack. Its so nice to hear Leo's Laughter ringing out again

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