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Monday, 6 December 2010

Dr Park revisited..

Well Leo received his last 5am dose of IV antibiotic and Joanne is so looking forward to not having to wake up quite so early and Leo is looking forward to his arm not being thirsty. Angie (the dining room hostess) is back from her sisters and was really happy to see the improvement in Leo, I guess it must be really noticeable now especially to people that haven't seen Leo in a while.
Today Leo really did work hard at physio eager to show nanny and farthy just what he can achieve, He managed 5 minutes walking backwards and 2.5 walking sideways both to the left and to the right, One thing that was missing was the sound of Leo scraping his second foot, Maybe one thing l should make you aware of is before St Louis Leo could NOT walk either backwards or sideways as his muscle tone wouldn't let him but post SDR he now has the flexibility and the strength to do it. Even Michael noticed he was picking his feet up on that exercise. Then onto the leg press where again Leo was able to straighten his legs holding an American football between his knees (Michael explained holding the ball between his legs makes his muscles work even harder) There was very little playing around today and Leo was rewarded with a bike ride through the corridor to Dr Parks office ready for his catch up appointment with the man himself.
  Dr Park came in and Leo surprised him by walking to him on his sticks, Dr Park and Nicole (his second mate) were impressed by the improvement in Leo. Dr Park then asked Leo to follow him out into the corridor so he could watch the way Leo walked, Of course in the corridor is the stickers station so Leo made Dr Park stop and hand out stickers. Dr Park then asked that Leos trousers socks and shoes were removed and then went through a series of requests like sitting with his legs in front of him (Leo's knees are still off the floor but Dr Park said this will be solved with tomorrows operation). He was impressed Leo could now sit cross legged and raise his arms high so the balance is definitely there. He then examined Leo's feet and said he had no doubt Leo WILL walk independently and sooner rather than later, In fact he has said now is the time to start practicing just holding the back of Leo's waist as often as possible. All in all a day of good news.
Because Leo had worked so hard he went to see father Christmas this afternoon and was actually happy to see tears this year..
Well bath and bed tomorrow Leo has to be at the hospital at 7am for his surgery so l guess Joanne will have to wait another day for her lay in.. aw well she will survive !!

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