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Saturday, 11 December 2010

the day before...

This morning at Physio Leo just blew us away not only did he walk on the treadmill he asked to do it! Michael was his physio today and he was as surprised as we were! He did all the measurements of Leos flexibility again and his range is NORMAL in fact his right foot(the one worse affected) was better than his mums! He may not have the mobility he had before the second operation but that's only temporary and when he builds that back in a few days he will be straighter and stronger than ever before. His speech and the way he uses his hands has also improved. This isn't on the 'to be expected' list but its a pleasant side effect of the SDR. Leo worked so hard to day even managing a few steps back on his sticks so it wont be long before he is wowing everyone that knows him.
Once physio was done we took advantage of the good seriously it was so warm today even Joanne said so! and went to the local mall. Just as well because Jo had to buy another suitcase.
As soon as it got dark we went to Tilles Park, a local attraction which is a field of Christmas lights you drive along, doesn't sound impressive but its like Christmas Blackpool illuminations and only $9 for the car! Leo loved it especially when we tuned in the radio to the Christmas channel and had Christmas songs blaring out.
Getting back to the room the fun of packing began, My word you collect a lot of stuff in 4 weeks !!
Thought it may be a good idea to check in online just as well not only are we not all sitting together and don't have bulkhead seats Leo is on a different row to us. They have seated him 1 row back! tried to call to sort it out but no luck, the call centre said l have to sort it out at the airport...stress levels rising and not even left the hotel yet!!

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