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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Standing tall.......maybe

Leo had a settled night (thanks maybe to the dose of Valium) he is dressed and ready for physio although not looking forward to it...its going to be interesting !!
Well physio went a lot better than any of us expected thanks mainly to Mad Mike again, That man certainly has the gift when it comes to Leo he knows exactly how to get the most from him and our debt of gratitude is immense not just to Michael but to all the team that's helped Leo through this part of his journey. Leo was of course reluctant to weight bare on his legs today so Mike took it slowly just getting Leo to sit on a chair with his legs flat and then gradually encouraging him to stand ( Leo was almost bent double at this point) and then slowly and firmly encouraging Leo to take one step after another until he was stepping over 12ft. turning and sitting down again. Mike also managed to stretch Leo's legs without Leo realising just simply by admiring the aliens on Leos socks! Leo also managed to side step and walk backwards too. The Lion was  certainly roaring today. Laura popped in to fit Leo's splints and he has four kinds, Full length, Ankle length, adjustable night splints and pollywog's (insoles for normal shoes. The timescale is 4-8 weeks with full length (or until Leo is standing upright) then on to the ankle splints for another 4-8 weeks again depending on the way Leo reacts to them. The pollywog's come in after the ankle splints have done there bit. We do have some confusion over when Leo wears his night splints as he also has to wear Full length night knee abductors too. The night splints adjust so that we can slowly force Leo's ankle into a resting position of less than 90 degrees, This will mean Leo will have full flexibility of his feet. He can already pen his legs wider than he has ever done before and with no pain at all. He is experiencing some discomfort but we are not sure if this is real pain or fear of pain, only time will tell. Once Laura left Michael let Leo ride the bike which considering the noise he was making walking he did with incredible ease. racing up and down the corridor !!
After physio we took Leo to the magic house where he spent the rest of the day laughing and completing different tasks, The magic house is a science museum designed for children so they learn while they laugh and Leo enjoyed it a lot,
Thank you James Lee for the free tickets we really appreciated them. Tonight we went out for our penultimate meal and good food was enjoyed by all!

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