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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

And a star is born !

Another early start because of Leo's 5am IV. But luckily managed to administer it without waking him up today. Leo also managed to eat fruit loops, banana and apple juice for breakfast and was soon ready for physio. Today Erica from America (this is what Leo likes to call her) had Leo walking on his frame up and down the physio room then Leo got onto the bike and for the first time managed to power himself chasing his mummy, He then went on the treadmill and would still be there if Erica hadn't pulled him off he then got to stand in front of  mirror and draw on it with shaving foam. He also had to stand to a bench and pick up the pieces to pay connect 4 very much like the jigsaw exercise of yesterday. He did all this willingly and in really good humour hard to believe its only his second day out of bed since his discharge from hospital Monday.
Of course by the time Leo got back to the hotel and had eaten his lunch,it was time for the nurse from Coran to call to take blood, Leo wasn't really concerned with her drawing it from his PICC line but really didn't want the finger stab, Unfortunately its the only way they can check that the drugs he is receiving are still at the correct level so it really is a necessary evil. However once the stab had been done Leo was quite content to sit watching Tom and Jerry while the blood was drawn.
The nurse left and once the 1pm IV had been done and because he had been so good we decided to take him to see the new Disney film Tangled in 3d. Leo loved this film and the sound of his laughter filled the cinema. He managed to eat a hotdog and a corn on the cob for dinner tonight. Unfortunately Leo couldn't play with his friends tonight so we came back upstairs to the room where he is currently receiving his 9pm dose snuggled up on the sofa watching the Grinch.

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