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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Deep in the heart of The Texas Tenors

OK so you all now know about the 5am drugs so that was done again and that's all l have to say about that!
Leo received a phone call today at the hotel that made his smile a mile wide, JC Fisher (from The Texas Tenors) is arriving at 10.30. Leo has been looking forward to seeing JC  for weeks if not months and he had a huge surprise for him. Well Leo was not the only one with a surprise because when we received the call to say JC was in the foyer and we went down to see him JC had arranged a surprise of his own with the help of Marcus and John with special assistance from Leah Haynes (a Tenor fan that has been enormous support to Leo) JC arrived with a bag full of gifts including a hat for Leo, a guitar and many many other things. Now JC had no idea of the progress Leo has been making recently and the last time they met Leo was in his wheelchair, Today as JC was waiting by the desk Joanne went ahead and told JC to look around the corner and when JC spotted Leo walking towards him using only his sticks well the big man definitely had tears in his eyes, Just a good job Marcus wasn't with him or the wet floor signs would have been needed!! JC took a ton of pictures and was just speechless at Leo's ability and his balance and just how confident Leo was on his sticks. Leo gave JC a bag of gifts as a token of thanks for his family. Unfortunately The Texas Tenors are performing tonight at Branson which is 4 hours away so couldn't stop as long as both he and us would have liked. However before he left he did give Joanne a cheque towards the additional hospital fees Leo has had. We are so very very grateful.
After we waved goodbye to a very happy and still shocked JC we got into the car and headed out to spend the day discovering the local sites......

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