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Monday, 13 December 2010

Dreams Hopes and Results

What a nightmare journey..almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong!! We were delayed in St Louis by Three hours so including the check in time we spent 6 hours in St Louis airport.. A nice airport but not for the weekend! Because of that delay we were unable to meet the United Airlines flight we were booked on and were changed to an American Airline flight and told to speak to their customer service desk when we arrived in Chicago..easy enough? No the customer service desks are not air side so because we had gone through security in St Louis we couldn't go back to speak to them about changing seats or arranging the assistance we had to wait til they arrived at the boarding desk. Of course once they arrived everyone had checked in and confirmed seats. The only thing they could offer was seats together half way down the plane. There was no fridge for Leos medicine but we got offered a bag of ice and told there was plenty of that. Of course Leos entertainment didn't work either, Luckily enough there was an empty seat so we all moved up one. Leo actually fell asleep as soon as the airplane took off (well it was 23.50 local time). So far it had taken us nearly 15hours to get this far !! Got back to Heathrow at 12.40 UK time and thank you has to go out to the driver of the transfer who had arrived at the airport in time to collect us from the United flight that was due to land at 6.55 and had waited and waited for us to arrive.
Leo was asleep throughout the flight waking up an hour before landing to eat his breakfast. Which he kept down til just as the flight landed then he decided to share it with everyone in view...the only clothing we had to hand was Joannes St Louis top and the AA blanket (we got permission to take it) which was fine until we got off the plane and almost to customs when he shared again!!
The journey from Heathrow to Peterborough flew past (lol) and once the transfer was unloaded it was good to get home although Leo wanted to go right out and collect Tito..
Home sweet home

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