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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

and the countdown continues.....

One week til lift off and it still isnt quite real. Right now the nerves are kicking in and Joanne is starting to realise the huge event looming in front of her. Although we know this is the best decision that could be made for Leo and his future, in the short term it does mean putting leo through a serious spinal operation with all the risks that involves and no one wants to put their child at risk. Joanne as spoken to a lot of parents who have already gone through this with their children pre op and apparently its a normal response to a stressfull event. The time at the hospital is not going to be a fun experience for anyone. I will detail that once Joanne and Leo get there. Leo is so excited about his flight and is already selecting which of his toys are going to accompany him. Obviously Buzz and Woody will be there !!
We visited his nanny and farthy(Grandad) Monday night and his Nanny made a startling point...the next time they see Leo he may be walking!! Its like this right now..could be the last firework display he sees from his wheelchair or the last time he goes trick or treating in his chair. This is huge !
Watching his cousin Jack toddle through the city centre at the weekend with all the confidence of new experiences he was enjoying bought home just how different life will be for Leo !
Words really cant express how very very grateful we all are to the hundreds of people that have helped us achieve this.
I know l have said this before but every single donation made a difference.
Next update will be from St Louis x

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