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Saturday, 20 November 2010

St Louis Grand Prix

When we were told that the children suddenly become almost back to themselves as soon as the I.Vs are discontinued we were pleased, When Leo was hooked up to his and crying in pain we just couldn't see that actually happening. Well today is 4 days post op and Leo is out of bed, Sitting up, has had two sessions of Physio today and is laughing at cartoons. Its true one minute they look so ill suddenly they're back to their normal selves,
The first session this morning with Jill was just breathtaking, Leo was absolutely happy to go along with everything she wanted him to do. He even managed to roll over and get into the crawl position abit with Jill's help and support. He negotiated a game of ten pin bowling which Jill agreed to if he did his stretches, needless to say Leo got his game.
Leo still hasn't got his appetite back but this isn't unusual so basically he is allowed anything he wants, Today's food of choice is fruit loops and Oreos. He rested for a while on his bed and took skype calls from his daddy and nanny and farthy.
The second Physio this afternoon was even more mind blowing. The Physio Toni asked Leo what he wanted to do and Leo said walk. Leo and Toni went into negotiation and again Leo agreed to work in exchange for toy time. Leos legs are so flexible now its unbelievable. He can easily put his ankles at 90 degrees with no resistance at all, His hamstrings are tight but we knew that hence the secondary operation before we come home. Leo worked really hard and didn't complain at all during the session. At the end of the session Toni got a Kwalker and asked Leo if he wanted to try it. With Toni's help (and a big mirror) Leo happily took his first assisted steps since the operation and the smile on his face was a mile wide. Toni promised Leo he could walk again tomorrow..Leo cant wait!
Once Physio for the day was over Leo and his room-mate Finlay wanted to explore the hospital. I think because they've been stuck in the room all this time they're relishing the time out of it. We took them to the roof garden for some fresh air.
The roof garden is being prepared for Christmas and is really magical with lots of lights and giant nutcracker soldiers and candy canes hanging from the branches.Leo and Finlay loved it, Around the front of the roof garden there is a fence but within the fence are portholes the children can crawl into to look down over Forest Park.
As you can see the view is brilliant. You may also notice the angle of Leos head. Jo is purposely not supporting it because any enforced movement at this stage could cause damage to Leos spine. He is in charge of how he holds his head, Jo is supporting his back and shoulders with her legs.
 Just outside the roof garden there is a sloped hallway and boys being boys wanted to race.....

The boys laughter rang out all down the hallway...A great sound to hear, Well tomorrow 8.30 am is Leos last inpatient Physio then he will be discharged from St Louis Children's to continue his physio as an out patient....

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Roy said...

Aww its all so lovely to read, so pleased he is on the mend now and loving his progress, bet it is all so magical for you all and certinly the best Christmas present ever, just imagine what he will be able to do by Well done to you all. Love Tanya, Roy and kids x