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Saturday, 27 November 2010

ok maybe only a small train

Leo had a good night and slept through. He even managed half a bowl of fruit loops for breakfast. Dr Park came in to see him and is really happy that the scar is no longer leaking and so far looks like its going to be best case scenario. Even though he is still hooked up to his IV Dr Park advised to get Leo up out of bed and sitting in a chair today. So at this minute in time Leo is sitting in the chair by his bed watching TV.
Leo has been quite content today and has been letting us pick him up and touch his back with nothing more than the occasional ouch. We managed to get him into a caterpillar wagon and down to the canteen where he had a milkshake. He was glad to get back to the room but wanted to sleep in the caterpillar and not in his bed. Mind you once Katie (his nurse) came in with a couple of presents for him...namely a sponge bob and a Gary he cheered up again in fact he insisted on pictures being taken.
Tomorrow should hopefully continue to bring more stability. Dr Park said he will see Leo again tomorrow morning.

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