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Thursday, 18 November 2010

As dawn breaks its not birds singing its alarms ringing

Wow this SDR procedure is worse than any roller coaster ride! Just when you think everything is back on the straight and narrow another curve and drop hits,
Leo had a VERY uncomfortable night and is now struggling to deal with the pain. The nurses are great and can administer extra painkillers which is brilliant however ever time they turn him he screams out, Begging for the pain to stop and to go away. Its so tough listening to that watching the tears stream down his face. The only plus side is we know he will have no memory of these first few days post operation, so although it is tough to go through at least we know he wont remember. This pain level and Leos reaction to it is not a suprise we were told that this is the case. After all Dr Parks had to go into his central nerves system in order to complete the operation and the nerves just need to settle down again right now they are on high alert. Doesnt make it any easier to watch. Every four hours Leo is receiving a high dose of Valium and that does take the edge of and allow him to sleep. Unfortunately the nurses need to turn him often and thats when the pain peaks. Its very dramatic when that happens because his heart rate goes up through the roof and alarms go off. Not really the sound any parent wants to hear. When leo does manage to sleep he sleeps for a couple of hours at a time
The eyemask was given to Leo on the flight out and its become a kind of security blanket for him. He pulls it down over his eyes when he wants to be left alone and it sits on top of his head when he wants to interact!
He is sleeping now. This is Leos scar its about 7cms long and as you can see no stitches the skin is rejoined using a type of glue.

So far its very eventful day. Leo was visited by Kieth who has cast Leos legs ready for his splints post op. He is down to only one infusion going through and that will end soon. Dr Parks has just visited and as other families have stated he really does just appear. He examined Leo and confirmed that he is going to need another operation before he goes home. Dr Parks has referred Leo over to Dr Dobbs the orthopedic surgeon and we are waiting for an appointment to see him. The second operation will release his hamstrings and after that there will be no stopping him. Just hope now the money raised is enough to cover this secondry operation. Leo is uncomfortable now but he is settling quicker after each turn.

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