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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

English eyes are crying

Well this morning was a sad one for Leo as he had to say goodbye to Kayley who is heading home to Ireland but she didn't escape without one more kiss.

Once we said goodbye the Kayley and her family we headed back to children's for Leos physio. This mornings physio was with Erica and Leo worked really hard. He started off with 10 minutes forward walking on the treadmill, Then did some side walking and finished by walking backwards. He rested a lot between the walks but managed to complete the treadmill session easily, In fact he then went onto the leg press bench and again worked hard. This is Leos favourite piece of equipment so far, Leo has to lay back and press down with his feet and the backboard slides up and Leo has to bend his knees on a controlled descent (he did it to the count of 10) He really loves this equipment and is something we really need to consider getting Leo when we get back because it will really help build up those unused muscles.
During the physio session Erica received a page from Dr Dobbs, Leo has an appointment at 08.15 tomorrow morning to discuss his Hamstring release. His surgery is scheduled for December 7th just 4 days before the flight home. At least its being carried out here under Dr Parks directive so we know there will be no issue with it although it will knock Leos progress back a few days so he is just going to have to work harder til the date of his second operation !
We went to McDonald's for lunch and Leo actually ate most of his food. This afternoon we are going off to the Arch and Leo will get to go in a helicopter with his friend Finlay.
Well now we can say we have been to one of the USAs national monuments, The St Louis arch is actually three times higher than the statue of liberty and was completed in the summer of 1966. We know this because we watched a film about the building of it while Jo went up to the top, Unfortunately due to the number of steps Leo was unable to go. However the view from the top was amazing

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