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Monday, 22 November 2010

Life as we know it !

Today Leo managed to sleep until 8am and really enjoyed his first night back at the hotel last night, Especially playing with Kayley, Emily and Finlay. The three of them sat around a table all engrossed in their D.S's. Didn't seem to talk much between themselves but were content just being together. The parents did what the parents do, all sat around the bar chatting and going through experiences of the day, The evening was tinged with sadness as we had to say goodbye (for now) to Deborah, Phil and Mitchell, they're on their way home today as is Jakob and Macey, Tonight's going to be tough too because Kayley and Leo are about to be separated again when Kayley goes home. Going to be strange without the Irish blarney !
Well after breakfast ,where Leo was pleased to see Angie again, Angie is the morning waitress and is always bright and bubbly and Leo loves her good morning song, Leo went back to Children's for his first physio session as an outpatient, This morning session was with mad Michael. No stretches today. Today Michael put Leo on the treadmill and Leo managed to walk flat footed (most of the time) even asking Michael to increase the speed a few times. Leo also managed to walk backwards on there too. When we explained that Leo had a walker on order Michael found one he can borrow for the time being and Leo used it to walk the track (racing his mummy) which goes around the main physio area. Leo then went onto Leg presses and really worked hard on there all the time being encouraged by Michael who turns everything into a game. After the leg presses Leo was encouraged to walk some more and did so reluctantly at first but Michael promised him a game if he did it, So Leo being Leo and easily bribed did walk more and was rewarded by a game of catch with an American football. Michael said the only way to improve his walking is to walk walk walk and that's just what Leo intends to do.
After the physio session we took Leo over to Union Station where there is a giant fish pond where you can feed the fish, He thought it was funny the way they all came up to the surface with their mouths open waiting for the pellets. After the fish were fed we took a look around the shops but hunger won so we went to Hard Rock for lunch. Leo got a Tshirt and a cup to keep.
We are now back at the hotel and trying to get Leo to have a rest ready for his last night with Kayley...looks like tears before bedtime !

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