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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day Two

Leo had an unsettled night but with additional valium he has managed to get some sleep. Leo is sharing his room with Finlay a little boy from Wales who also had his SDR yesterday. Both boys are doing so well they are looking to move them up to the 12th floor later today. Leo is finally able to maintain his oxygen levels so at least the alarms have stopped going off.

As you can see in the picture the room is really well equipt and the nurse Renee is lovely too. We are just waiting for the doctors to do their rounds and to make the  move up to the 12th floor.
Well we are up on 12 with an amazing view from the window over the parklands. Luckily Leo and Finlay are still sharing so at least they know each other and will be able to get up to mischief in a day or two. Although Leo cant eat we have placed a food order for him. here at Childrens the food is requested from a menu. there is no set mealtimes and the children can basically order what ever they want. On Leos behalf his first meal request is Fruit loops milk and a cheese sandwich with two cartons of apple juice. One thing for certain is with this kind of menu Leo will not go hungry.
Although Leo isnt in a lot of pain he is very uncomfortable but his oxygen is stable and he isnt being sick anymore. Fact is every hour of every day he will get stronger. Thank you for the good luck messages  and gifts theyre now starting to come through and Leo really loves getting them.

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