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Saturday, 13 November 2010

The weather is for turning !

Well after two absolutely gorgeous days looks like the temperature is about to start to drop, Today it actually feels like autumn (which is great for the sunburn of yesterday).
Leo has now caught up on his sleep and is a lot happier. He still keeps asking when we are going to America and we have finally realised why... Since we discovered SDR we have been showing Leo the website of the hospital and he thinks THATS America, We found this out when we were in the shuttle en-route to the supermarket and dropped another family at Childrens Hospital, Leo saw the sign got really excited and said..Theres America !! He then went on to tell the bus driver he was in New Zealand..Carlton (the driver) found this very amusing!
Yesterday was a day of discovery, we discovered the shuttle doesnt actually drop you off at the zoo but about a mile from it. I say a mile and it probably is if you go the right way..we didnt! and ended up getting a taxi there, I have to say the zoo is amazing and well worth the adventure of getting there, Very big, very interesting loads to see and do (there is a new elephant enclosure being built too) best of all FREE well almost free for $10 you get to ride on the train and the carousel and the Dino ride as many times as you want too. We spent four hours there (reasoning as its free we can go again).
Once we got back to the hotel we met up with Jacky (her daughter Kayley is post SDR) who suggested going to the Galleria (a shopping mall). Another new experience..using the Metro train. Loads of shops etc there and Leo got to try his first Pretzel U.S style..not sure what he was expecting but dont think it was that.
Today the Power family goes back to the UK but we got to meet the McNaughtons from Scotland and once the Taylor-Brunts get here from Wales tomorrow we will have the UK covered at least until Jacky and family leave for Ireland in a week or so.
Everyone here is so positive about the operation the hospital and everything it really does settle last minute nerves and all the post op children are so proud of their scars and show them off as much as they can. It really is quite sweet to see them all playing and laughing every evening and l know thats Leo favourite part of the day.
Today we are going to just have a lazy day and see what happens l know Leos looking forward to tonight. What is suprising here is just how quickly it gets dark it really is like someone just kills the lights.
Monday is the big day when we finally get to meet Dr Parks and his team...more then!

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