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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

just when you think you got it sussed

Not a great night for Leo. He woke up this morning complaining his back hurt but he was twisting and turning all night, After some medicine it settled down. He really didn't want to go downstairs for breakfast today so he had fruit loops in the room. It was an early start as we had to be back at Children's for 8.15 for a doctors appointment.Well Leo got to meet another American doctor today, Dr Dobbs. Dr Dobbs is an orthopedic surgeon. He examined Leo and said he really needs both heel cords doing and also both his hamstrings need releasing. He did explain that if they went ahead and only did the right side it would only make it more obvious in the left. Apparently physio can continue on the same day as surgery and this shouldn't set him that far back.
Leo is feeling grumpy today so he is now watching TV and hopefully relaxing.
Well Leo fell asleep and woke up feeling even more uncomfortable. He took his painkiller medicine and we arrived at physio only for Leo to complain. He complained about getting up from his bed, he complained about the medicine, he complained about being lifted and he complained about getting into his wheelchair, He keeps saying his back hurts.
Arriving at physio with Erica it was obvious even to her that Leo wasn't putting it on and she asked Michael to come and take a look, even Michael couldn't make Leo smile today. He advised that we go through and speak to Dr Parks. Erica asked Leo if he wanted to go in his wheelchair or on the bike. Leo chose the bike and with Erica's assistance managed to cycle out of the physio dept and along the corridor outside it, He then was asked if he could walk for a little bit and holding onto the small rails he also managed to do this even though it was clearly uncomfortable for him. Deanna bumped into us and managed to measure Leo up for his sticks, she encouraged him to walk more and he did. Leo was getting more and more upset so Erica decided to take us along to see Dr Parks (Deanna spoke to him earlier regarding Leo and he asked to see him). Dr Parks spent a good 30 minutes talking and trying to examine Leo, He confirmed the operation site was clear but did say there could be an underlying infection happening, advised us to get Advil and let Leo rest making sure he drank loads. We are to call him tomorrow at 10am on his personal mobile phone. Can you imagine that length of concern by a UK doctor?
As l type Leo is running a temperature of 100.02 and has taken his first dose of the Advil and is now resting peacefully.

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