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Thursday, 25 November 2010

We did not sign up for this !

Its 4am and Leo is still crying out in pain. We have tried giving him more medicine but he is refusing to take it. He just wants to sleep. He has pain in his lower back away from the operation site. He is reluctant to drink which is making us think it could be a water infection (something we were warned could happen). Hopefully he will go back to sleep soon and will feel better when he wakes up. Well that idea didn't last long. At 5.30am we were en route back to children's this time via the Emergency room, Scary enough this happening but worse was the fact we don't know how the U.S medical system works. We have Dr Parks telephone number but felt it too early to wake him up turns out his was awake anyway because we got a telephone message left on the hotel phone from him. Turns out emergency rooms are the same the world over just more forms in the U.S. Before the forms were completed Leo was examined by a triage nurse who was very careful not to actually touch Leo and asked him the questions first, Leo was soon shown through to an examination cubicle and the paperwork was completed. The E.R doctor got in touch with Dr Park who sent one of his team over to check on Leo. They are almost certain this has nothing to do with the wound site. They have taken bloods and are running all sorts of tests on it. We were then transferred back to 12th in fact we are in the room next to the one we were in after the operation, The nurses even recognised Leo.
Once Leo was settled again and more bloods taken (Leo definitely not impressed). Dr Park came in and examined Leo, He explained there was no sign of infection although there is exquisite pain (apparently exquisite means very very in medical jargon). He advised they would be continuing with the IV anti biotic tonight and depending on how Leo is will be starting Steroids tomorrow. Leo has now decided he doesn't want to walk and wants to go back to England...I know someone else that's starting to feel that way too.
Its 4.30 local time (22.30 UK) and Leo is officially running a fever again its reaching 102f, Blanket off ibuprofen given.
The fever settled once the Ibuprofen kicked in and Leo became a lot more settled. The swelling in his back is still causing him some concern. He has managed to keep two bowls of fruit loops down, unlike the Shepard's pie he had earlier. He is sleeping now. Hopefully will wake up feeling a lot better. Its 22.30 local time (04.30 UK) and fingers crossed he stays asleep till morning.
Thank you for your messages of support they're really appreciated right now.

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