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Friday, 26 November 2010

Maybe that light at the end of the tunnel is a train !!

Well Leo did manage a settled night and is in a better mood today. We were confident he was on the mend ..........hmmph bad move. Leos physio Erica popped in to give Leo his daily physiotherapy and it was while moving him to the therapy room that we noticed it !! The ONE thing you were warned to lookout for.... Leos scar is leaking. This is not great news. Dr Park has been called. Meanwhile one of his team that happened to be on the ward took a look. She says it looks like the antibiotics will be continued and the steroids are on stop now. Depending on what Dr Park says we may be discharged with an I.V line in place and someone will come to the hotel to administer the drugs. We are being told so much what if information that its difficult to know what to write.  Whatever happens we are not going back to the hotel anytime soon Leo is absolutely fine if you don't touch his back or try to take blood from him.
Will write more once Dr Park has been up.
Well Dr Park has just been up and we are definitely in here til after the weekend at least. He is now sure it is an infection and the antibiotics are what Leo needs right now. Worse case scenario is if they don't work then Leo will have to go back to theatre to get the wound flushed out. His temperature is stable now and he must keep drinking a lot (they're going to leave the IV fluids running too).  Best case scenario is Anti-biotic does work then he will have a Hickman line placed and be discharged back to the hotel with a nurse visiting to administer the drugs. Leo is fine in himself and has found Candyland again (a board game aimed at preschoolers) just wish he would eat a little more than fruit loops !
Well the results are in and the fluid is not spinal so definitely an infection. Leo managed to eat half a baked potato with cheese, Half a brownie and some ice cream too. He is now peeing a lot (thanks to the additional fluids via IV and counting to ten when he drinks apple juice) however he is now very wary of anyone approaching him wearing gloves as housekeeping found out tonight! Unfortunately it does look like his temperature is on its way up again but nothing Advil wont sort out hopefully.
He has his eye mask back so is safe again. He really does use it as a security blanket. Maybe tomorrow will bring more good news. Dr Park to visit again in the morning.

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