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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Smiles

Well Leo had a brilliant night and managed to sleep all the way though
The hospital encourages parents to get into bed and cuddle up with their children and Leo loves this. His temperature has stabilised and he had no fever last night. The doctor has been in to change the dressing on Leos back and confirmed that Leo is having the IV line put in tomorrow morning (hopefully after Physio) and then he can be discharged back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel the nurse will come to us to administer the drugs. This will be for another 4 days, After which the line can be removed and further anti-biotic will be given orally. This means his second operation can go ahead and hopefully we can still leave the US on Dec 11th.
Leo celebrated with fruit loops !
The nurses came in to check Leos vitals and noticed his arm was sore so it was decided to move the IV line. Leo was not happy and got very worked up
The good news was that Leo was machine free for a few minutes so managed to walk up and down the ward on flat feet holding his mums hands, He took lovely big steps and was chatting to all the nurses.
All too soon we were back in his room for his new line to be fitted. This time it was really quick because they paged the IV nurse to fit it. (Her job is to take blood and fit lines to children so she is incredibly quick). Once his new line was in place Leo wanted to go to the 8th floor (the playroom) which unfortunately was closed so we went down to the cafeteria and he had an Oreo ice cream and then up to floor one where he was quite content to watch the kinetic ball display.
As you can see he is back in the caterpillar, This allows them to get off the ward without having to sit up or be carried, There is a certain skill to pushing them but all in all we're not too bad.
We were off the ward for just over an hour and Leo wanted to go back to bed.
He is laying on his bed now watching Home alone two.

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Roy said...

So pleased things are once again going in the right direction!! Hope you have lots of room in your suitcases left to bring back lots of fruit loops for Leo otherwise i think he will get withdrawals from them lol. Love to the three of you, Tanya, Roy and kids xxxx