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Monday, 29 November 2010

Caterpillars and Fairies

Well it was an early start today the doctor came in at 6.30 to check Leo's back, The dressing was nice and dry. Soon after Leo's nurse came in to check there was no issues with his IV line and everything seems fine there too. At 8am two nurses from the PICC centre came in to check 'the quality of Leos veins' they do this with an Ultra Sound machine and although scared Leo was interested in what the inside of his arm looked like. They managed to locate a really good vein and marked the spot on his arm the procedure is due to happen at 8.50. Like clockwork the nurse came in to take us down to the procedure centre. Leo travelled down in the Caterpillar wagon again.
Once at the centre we were asked to wear hairnets and face masks as the room is a clean room. The procedure was explained to us in maybe a little too much detail. The doctor came in and introduced himself and after a struggle with the IV line that was in Leos arm managed to insert the Ketomin. Leo immediately was away with the fairies. We were given a pager and told to come back when it goes off.
In our absence a line was put in through the vein in Leos arm and threaded down to a large vein just above Leos heart. The insertion point was then dressed and tapped and secured. This can last up to several months without needing to be removed luckily Leo only needs it for 7 more days.
We hadn't even managed to finish our drinks before the pager went off. We scurried back to the room to find the top of his table covered in swabs with blood on. This was a little too much for Jo and she asked to go sit down. Once the clean up was done all that was connected to Leo was the monitor keeping an eye on Leos vitals. Joanne at this point had excused herself to the loo. Turns out it was just as well because Jo passed out and came back looking very green. So Green the nurse told her to eat crackers and drink Coke. Leo was still pretty much spaced out and slowly came too. He wanted to go back to his room in the caterpillar and as soon as the doctor said he was good to go we went!
Leo was very very scared when we went down to the room but is so totally calm now. Jo has managed to do his stretches and Leo even helped with them. We thought he would have no memory but he has just asked Jo why she was dressed as a doctor!!
Leo and his mummy are currently snuggled on his bed watching Mickeys clubhouse.
Just had a visit from the representative of CORAN who is the company that does the IV at home. She scared us when she asked us to pay for the drugs Leo will be having. Even going so far as to say we couldn't leave the hospital until we paid. We sent off an email to James Lee and asked him to come and see us Urgently. He quickly responded advising us he had to go into a meeting but would come up straight after which to be fair he did. We explained that although we had no issues with the medical care Leo has received we feel that we haven't received the support we should expect for the non medical issues and explained about the conversation about the drugs. James said we DO NOT pay for anything yet and said he would contact the company and get it sorted. Which he did. He then accompanied us down to the physio dept on the 4th floor
Leo did manage to go to his physio session today and managed to do some high kneeling and Nicole got some good stretches out of him. The session was hampered by the fact Leo was still attached to his IV but even so managed to do some bike riding around the physio room. James stayed throughout the session sorting out other issues while he was there leaving us at the lift as we made our way up to the 12th floor. Once we arrived back we were told that the nurse from Coran would meet us back at the hotel and would talk us through giving Leo his drugs.
Unfortunately the drugs weren't delivered to her until after 6 but she arrived soon after with two huge bags full of the paraphernalia Leo needs for the next 7 days.What followed was a very in depth lesson on preparing and administering IV drugs as this is something we are going to be responsible for. Joanne was worried sick as she as a real phobia about blood and veins and anything to do with them but with the nurses help she successfully gave Leo his first IV at the hotel.
Next IV due at 5am

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